‘Loaded’ – Miles Kane | Review

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17th April saw Miles Kane’s return to the music business as a solo artist, releasing new single ‘Loaded’, his first solo release since his second studio album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ in 2013.

After the 2016 second coming of The Last Shadow Puppets recently came to the end of its cycle, both Miles Kane and Alex Turner have remained relatively quiet with regards to music until now. In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Kane revealed details on both his newest single and his upcoming, wrestling-inspired album ‘Coup De Grace’.

Written in LA, Kane revealed that ‘Loaded’ is the first song off the new album, and actually took inspiration from a break-up, which explains the ’emotion and attitude’ behind it. ‘Loaded’ holds influence from not only Kane, but also Jamie T and Lana Del Rey, who helped write the song with him. The new tune combines soft vocals and an emotional chorus with harsh, distorted guitar riffs. The song picks up toward the end, with Kane increasing the volume of the vocals which creates a passionate, personal feel. While it denotes class and soul, and feels as though it would fit well into the soft tones of his self-titled debut album, the Merseyside-born frontman insists that the rest of the new album, also written with the influence of Jamie T, has an upbeat and high-energy vibe, heavily influenced by the punk genre.


Kane said fans can expect ‘Coup De Grace’ to be released towards the end of summer. When asked if anybody else featured on or helped with the record, he confirmed that his fellow Shadow Puppet and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner does not appear on it. He also remained tight-lipped on any questions about the Arctic Monkeys’ new music, saying he’d listened to the album, but wouldn’t reveal anymore than that. The little tease.

For me, it’s been an incredibly long four years without any new Miles Kane solo music; as much as I love what himself and Turner did with the second Shadow Puppets album, it doesn’t quite feel as good as Miles going alone does. ‘Loaded’ is a massive hit, and plays perfectly alongside the sunny spells we’ve been blessed with this week in the UK. It’s got everything you could wish for from a Miles Kane song, which has me ‘loaded’ with excitement for the release of ‘Coup De Grace’ – well, that and the fact that he’s named the album after Finn Balor’s finishing move.

‘Loaded’ is available now on iTunes and on all the major streaming platforms, and Miles Kane heads out on his first solo UK tour since being back in the game at the end of May, playing a whole host of dates from then to July. You can buy tickets here.

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‘Eight Till Late’ – No Hot Ashes | Review

After a year of success and ever growing support for Stockport-based four piece No Hot Ashes, 30th November marked the release of the first track, ‘Eight Till Late’ from their recently announced debut EP, ‘Skint Kids Disco’.


The track, again produced by Gavin Monaghan, demonstrates a steady progression in the sound of the indie/funk rock group, opening with a well layered guitar riff, followed closely by vocals from Isaac Taylor whose raw, energised voice provides a smooth contrast. These riffs are complimented by a significantly catchy chorus which truly demonstrates Taylor’s vocal ability and the bands rough and ready yet funky sound, which has improved vastly since earlier releases.

skint kids disco

‘Eight Till Late’ highlights the progress these lads have made. Its well composed sound makes you feel like No Hot Ashes are about to blow us away with the upcoming debut EP, going from strength to strength musically while also attracting more and more fans. Having started the year playing in smaller venues such as the Rocking Chair and Sound Control (RIP), they will end the year headlining a sold out Manchester Club Academy on 16th December, and have just announced their biggest headline to date at Manchester Academy 2 on 31st March 2018.

No Hot Ashes ooze talent and their live shows are even better, having seen them at Neighbourhood Festival in October. You can find their remaining 2017 dates here. Be sure to listen to ‘Eight Till Late’ in the meantime, which is available on Soundcloud as well as all the other major platforms right now.

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5 albums i’m most looking forward to in 2018

We’re just about one month into 2018 now, and with a new year comes new music for a lot of artists. It’s looking like this year could be massive for new albums, which is why I thought i’d write about the 5 i’m most looking forward to already.

5. Catfish and the Bottlemen

The lads from Llandudno will watch their debut album ‘The Balcony’ turn three in September this year, which if you ask me has flew by. With that being said, its been relatvely quiet on the music front for them since the release of second album ‘The Ride’, probably due to the non-stop touring schedule which has taken foursome around the world at this point. Their catchy rock tunes have become loved by most, and their popularity only continues to grow.


However, like I just mentioned, things have been more quiet with them lately after various dates around the world and a slot supporting Green Day in the US, and its beginning to feel like we’re long overdue a new album. An interview in March of last year confirmed that it’s in the works, so here’s hoping that the long wait brings us their best album to date, and a massive tour to accompany it.

4. Peace

It feels like an eternity since we’ve been given a substantial amount of new music and a full tour from groovy rock quartet Peace, but the release of ‘From Liquid Under Glass’ and statements on their social media tell us that a new album is well and truly on its way to being released.

peace screenshot

After a severe lack of shows being announced, and Peace only appearing sparingly rather than on a consistent tour schedule, combined with a lack of information to suggest new material on any of the lads’ seperate social media pages, people began to speculate about the future of the band. Although a split seemed unlikely, the statement to say that this wasn’t true – as well as the quashing of the rumours that ‘1998’ had been dropped from the setlist – was reassuring and reignited all of our excitement. In my opinion, Peace are seemingly incapable of releasing bad music, and if the release of ‘From Liquid Under Glass’ is anything to go by, the album three is going to be nothing short of beautiful.

3. DMA’s

Loved by some yet still unheard of by others, the DMA’s certainly made rumbles within the indie music scene throughout 2016, the year in which debut album ‘Hills End’ was released, and 2017. Often drawing comparisons to the sound of Oasis and the general Britpop scene, the Aussie trio of Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason and Johnny Took combine accoustic guitar with electric, and top it off with lyrics that make you feel an entire range of emotions, sung by O’Dell whose vocal ability leaves you amazed.

I don’t think the constant comparisons to Oasis do DMA’s any justice; while incredibly flattering, it carries the danger of them being stuck in their shadow, and their music shows that they’re much better than that. Spending the year travelling the world playing a mixture of festivals, being support for people such as The Kooks, and playing their own headline shows, new music releases haven’t been as frequent as many would’ve hoped for. But with the release of new single ‘Dawning’  in October, and their cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’ taking the number 6 spot in Triple J’s Hottest 100, it was a solid end to 2017.


The release of their second album feels ever closer, being teased more and more on social media by the lads, and if the first is anything to go by, then 2018 could be a very big year for the DMA’s.


After constant touring and several EP’s being released, including a compilation of these EP’s, ‘Young, Dumb and Full Of…’, Cabbage have finally shared details (literally as I write this) on their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Nihilistic Glamour Shots’. We can expect the album on 30th March 2018, with pre-ordering available here.


After the release of debut EP ‘Le Chou’ (French for cabbage, if you were wondering) in 2016, its fair to say that our favourite neo post-punk band from Mossley have played a total of well over 200 gigs since then, as well as releasing 36 songs. If you follow me on my socials (which you definitely should do) you’ll know that i’ve been a long time admirer of thee lads. They provide unique, politicised tones which are putting them aside from the usual expectations of the industry, and their creativity is second to none, with their fashion sense being wild and each tour seemingly having its own theme, such as the previous ‘Healing Brexit Towns Experiment’ and the recently announced ‘Glamour at thee Ritz’ show announced alongside their new album.

If you havent given Cabbage a listen before now, their music is available on all major platforms, and if you can’t wait for the album, then you can go and listen to the first single released from it, ‘Arms Of Pleonexia’ here, which may I just say, is massive.

1.Miles Kane

It’s now been 5 years since we’ve had a new Miles Kane solo album, and while I love his and Alex Turner’s work as The Last Shadow Puppets, 5 years is far too long to go without Miles Kane material. However, since the quiet shelving of the Shadow Puppets projects, both Kane and Turner have been using this time to write new stuff.


With all the hype surrounding the comeback of the Arctic Monkeys, who’ve just announced their festival tour dates for 2018, Miles Kane seems to have gone under the radar. The mod turned rocker from Merseyside has been writing with various people, including fellow solo artist Jamie T, which already tells us that his new album, dubbed MKIII for the moment, is going to be something special, similar to that of ‘Colour of the Trap’ (2011) and ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ (2013).


I love everything about Miles Kane. His voice is so soothing but also so eccentric, his style has always been second to none and most importantly, he bloody loves the wrestling. Mint. Don’t let the Monkeys comeback blind you, as Kane’s new album is definitely one to look out for this year, and judging by his instagram and twitter activity, might not be far off (I hope).

Before I end this, an honourable mention goes to Black Honey. The quartet from Brighton create groovy beats, topped off with vocals from lead singer Izzy Baxter. Their music combines groovy beats with an alternative rock attitude, demonstrated in songs like ‘Corrine’ and newest single ‘Dig’. They’ve become one of my favourite bands in recent months, especially after seeingtheir performance at Neighbourhood Festival in October, which makes me all the more exicted for the release of their debut album in 2018.

Be sure to watch out for new music creeping out from the people mentioned, as well as from others I haven’t mentioned. 2018 is going to be big for music releases, but for now we can only sit tight and wait.

TRASH are an indie dreamboat, and we should all be aboard



11th August saw the release of the self-titled EP from Chesterfield indie band TRASH; a 5 track strong release which was teased beforehand with the release of two dreamy, indie pop singles, ’81’ and ‘Migraines’. The EP largely consists of warm, musing guitar riffs combined with the chilled out vocals of frontman Dan Longmore, giving you that feeling of happiness and buzz of excitement whenever you listen.


But it’s not just the release of their EP that hooks me to the group. TRASH, consisting of Dan Longmore, Evan Martin, Tom Barton and Bradley Weston, have a whole host of other feel-good tunes on Youtube. ‘Hot Coffee’ gives you a feeling of warmth and nostalgia, and combined with the quirkiness of the music video, again leaves you feeling signifcantly content heading into the shorter days and lower temperatures of Autumn and Winter.


I have a lot of time for these lads; they seem down to earth and create brilliant, unique music, and they deserve all the attention they’ve been getting recently. If you’ve got some time, or you need some music to listen to, or you’re sat bored twiddling your thumbs, go and give these lads a listen to and I guarantee you won’t regret it. You can listen to their EP for free here on Soundcloud. It’s also available on Spotify, and you can buy it on their online store, https://www.tr4shb4nd.com/shop on CD or on 10″ viynl (they’re also sending them out in pizza boxes, which makes them even better).


If you like the sound of them, you can also find their upcoming tour dates here, which includes Neighbourhood Festival on 7th October and 2Q Festival on 28th October.

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CABBAGE – o2 Ritz, Manchester (01/07/17)

CABBAGE – o2 Ritz, Manchester (01/07/17)

Politically charged, eccentric, raw. Three terms I’d use to describe Mossley born 5-piece Cabbage’s headline gig at the Ritz on 1st July. With support from Strange Bones, who opened the show that night, and The Blinders, the tone was set early on by the crowd, with energy flowing and mosh pits starting from the off as Strange Bones frontman Bobby Bentham threw himself into the crowd.

Highly anticipated by some yet alien to others, The Blinders took to the stage shortly after Strange Bones and certainly made themselves known with a powerful and sweaty set which kept the crowd hooked from the off. The trio originate from Doncaster but moved to Manchester, and their music emits passionate and politicised, post-punk tone. A sold out Ritz was The Blinders’ biggest show to date, which gave them the challenge of enticing the 1,500 strong crowd throughout their set. They did so with no signs of nerves or inexperience, making sure the notorious bouncy Ritz dancefloor was constantly filled and in full force, through songs such as ‘Swine’ with its heavy guitar rhythms and its lyrics of ‘there is no hope’ which was energetically chanted back to them by various fans.

Similarly, for Cabbage this was their biggest show to date, and in their hometown. Prior to their arrival on stage, ‘Transmission’ by Joy Division played, much to the crowd’s enjoyment; a fitting song as Cabbage’s post-punk sounds have drawn various comparisons to Joy Division. As the five Mossley lads walked onto stage, fans burst into chants of ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’ which was to be a recurring theme throughout the night. Cabbage opened with ‘Kevin’ the first track on their debut EP Le Chou. This was followed by a new song, ‘Fraudulent Artist’ from their brand new EP Celebration Of A Disease, and ‘Fickle’ which hypnotized the fans as screams of ‘Le Chou’ came from frontman Lee Broadbent.

The fact that this was Cabbage’s biggest headline show yet evidently didn’t faze them at all, with vocalists Lee (Broadbent) and Joe (Martin) both occupying their notoriously active and haunting stage presence. Both found themselves on the barrier with fans, stood on the speakers and even in the crowd numerous times throughout the set. The crowd sung back all the words to newly released track ‘Celebration Of A Disease’ and the boys didn’t stop there, going straight into fan-favourite ‘Terrorist Synthesiser’ one of many songs they wrote to voice their political opinions, with this one ridiculing the Tory opinion that all left wing politicians, and most notably Jeremy Corbyn, are terrorist sympathisers. Passion poured from the band and their fans, as Martin sung out lyrics in the crowd being swarmed by fans, while other fans screamed back in both sheer excitement and political accord.cabij

The energy didn’t stop there however, with every track played providing a bigger moshpit, or more people on shoulders, or a louder crowd response. Fans showed no signs of fatigue and carried on adding to the sweaty and passionate atmosphere which filled the Ritz, with various roars of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ appearing between songs. In one instance during ‘Tell Me Lies About Manchester’ I witnessed someone on shoulders, on someone elses shoulders. Three man shoulders. ‘Necroflat In The Palace’ once again made the crowd ooze with passion and emotion, as each lyric was chanted back toward the band. Broadbent stood in the crowd for the first time at this point, repeatedly howling lyrics of ‘There’s a necroflat’ with surrounding fans which mesmerised the crowd as people sung along.

lee img

After unexpectedly omitting ‘It’s Grim Up North Korea’ and ‘Free Steven Avery’ from their setlist, Cabbage played ‘Asa Morley’ the song named after the band’s drummer, Broadbent addreessed the fans by thanking them for being in attendance, and devoted ‘Because You’re Worth It’ to everybody, which gave everyone a chance to sing along to the slower beat and recover before the eagerly-anticipated ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’ was played to end the set.

Although notable songs were omitted from the setlist, Cabbage put on a trademark show at The Ritz involving sweat, push and shove, and lots of raucous post-punk music which every fan in there had a passion for, and had two briliant and similar style support acts in Strange Bones and The Blinders play high quality, crowd engaging sets. If you’re looking for a sweaty night filled with lots of passion, politics and mosh pits, get a ticket and see Cabbage when they next come near to you. September marks the start of their ‘The Healing Brexit Towns Experiment Tour’ where The Blinders once again support, and tickets are still available from various websites.